Uldir Raid Plan

We expect our raid progress to happen in 3 general “phases”, which I’ll describe below. At a high level, you can expect that Wednesdays are generally reserved for Normal runs, and Sundays are reserved for Heroic.


Phase 1 (Normal) – For the first few weeks of the raid we’ll be starting with Normal difficulty. We want to give time for everyone to learn the mechanics and gear up a bit before we start running heroic. We’re effectively aiming for a couple of key goals:

  • Few to no deaths/wipes, especially on early bosses
  • Ability to full clear normal in ~3 hours or less

Ideally we expect this to take a couple of weeks at most. We hope to be able to start the next phase and jump into heroic around the 3rd or 4th reset.


Phase 2 (Transitioning to Heroic) – Once we can full clear Normal in a reasonable amount of time, we’ll start Heroic progression on Sundays after clearing Normal. We want at least 2 hours going into Heroic for the first time to have plenty of time to talk strats and not rush. This pattern will continue until we’ve mostly saturated our gear possibilities out of Normal. Throughout this phase we’ll reduce the number of bosses we tackle in normal to prioritize high-value drops, and skip bosses that don’t have any value. We expect it to take a couple of resets until we’re spending most of our time working on heroic bosses. We’ll be the most flexible here, adjusting our plans to meet the needs of the group.


Phase 3 (Normal fun-run + Heroic final stretch) – Once we have Normal on easy-farm, and reach diminishing returns with full heroic resets, we’ll transition to reducing the amount of time we spend in Heroic. Instead of clearing from the start, we’ll start saving lockouts where it makes sense to put the most amount of time into the end bosses as possible. Wednesday Normal fun-runs will be open to anyone, including alts, and we’ll use that run as the recruiting tool that was so successful in Antorus. We’ll finish out the tier in this schedule, having a fun and light-weight focused Normal run on Wednesday, and doing whatever it is we need to do in Heroic on Sunday.


Raid supplies for the first week are going to be at a premium. We have Cauldrons available for the week, so don’t invest in flasks. We’ll have plenty of small feasts as well. Large feasts and potions we’ll have a limited supply and save them for the 1-5% pulls.

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