How Blizzcon Started Registered Trademark


Hello Everyone! In an effort to improve communication from guild leadership, We’ll be making several “blog style” posts covering a number of guild related subjects over the next few weeks. While not exhaustive, some of the topics we’ll be touching on will be things like guild direction, raiding, membership/rosters, leadership, and future plans.


As a first entry, I’d like to provide everyone a good introduction to the guild founders, and how Registered Trademark came to be. This will be old news to many folks, however hopefully this will provide some valuable insight to our newest members, and fill in any gaps that anyone has.


Tribrid (he’s John) and I (I’m T) started playing WoW together as a group of RL friends around the later half of Burning Crusade. Coming from getting burned out (and bored) with Eve Online, WoW was a much more accessible game for us. We spent many nights running dungeons with 5 people sitting around a table yelling at each other. That was when we weren’t playing D&D of course (Tribrid being an exceptional DM, and me being a terrible one 😂)! Destinyeyes (she’s Meg) and Tribrid were dating at the time, and he somehow managed to convince her it was a great idea to play WoW together (how cute! No really, they still go on WoW dates together…). Along with a couple other folks, the friends only guild Semanticals was born on Lightbringer (Horde). Over the next 8-10 years, people got married, moved away, had kids, took breaks, came back, and we all generally kept in touch throughout all the expansions, with Semanticals as the glue.


Fast forward to Legion, Tribrid and I had found ourselves in different raiding guilds for different reasons. I was in a guild of RL friends on Executus that I met through some mutual friends. Tribrid was invested in Lightbringer in one of the few major horde guilds on the server. Tomb of Sargeras was one of the first times I’d “seriously” raided, and both of us achieved AotC on KJ (Tribrid with a bit more pain in his guild than myself, lol).


The spark which generated the flame which turned into Registered Trademark came around October of last year (2017). I was going through an ugly breakup, and was looking to redefine my social spaces around gaming. I started floating the idea to Tribrid and Destiny about starting our own real guild, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do it alone, and they were my best and most trusted WoW friends. They didn’t call me crazy at the time, so that was a good sign! I was also going to Blizzcon for the first time, which was an incredible experience. Blizzcon redefined my perspective of what a gaming community could be. I realized that even the most popular and seemingly outgoing faces of the WoW community weren’t a whole lot different that I am. I decided that’s what I wanted to do with my time and energy. The next time I went to Blizzcon, I wasn’t going alone, I was going with my guild. I was already in a guild that I had committed to, however, so I decided the new guild was happening for BfA.


After Blizzcon, I seriously pitched the idea to a number of folks. Tribrid and Destiny were on board. Falill is an RL friend and coworker of mine that had raided with me on Executus, and he had a number of friends who played WoW in various capacities, all of which were on board. We had the start of a team forming, with 2 tanks, 2 healers, and a dps or two before the guild was even created. Hell, before we even had a BfA release date! Of course mice and men had their own ideas. Near the end of ToS, some unfortunate events necessitated my backing out of the guild I was in. At the same time, Tribrid was dealing with some unfavorable opportunities in his guild (did anyone order 200+ wipes on KJ?). We decided to pull the trigger early, right around the time that Antorus was set to release.


Coming up with a guild name, deciding on a location and faction, and creating a charter took some time. Tribrid, Destiny, and I had history on the horde side of Lightbringer. Collectively we had upwards of 25 max (or near max) level horde characters, and stepping away from that was a daunting ask. The downside was that Horde on Lightbringer was sparse, accounting for less than 20% of its population. Additionally, we had experience and connections with a number of the top horde guilds on Lightbringer. Paired together, we were looking at an uphill battle for recruitment, and potential to generate bad blood between us and the other horde guilds, neither of which were ideal. Ultimately our options were either move servers and stay Horde, or faction change and stay on Lightbringer. We ended up choosing to go Alliance, our initial seeding of members were all Alliance and we wanted to make sure we had at least a few folks to start. Staying on Lightbringer made sense too, the extra cost of faction and server changing didn’t really make sense.


From a naming perspective, our only real requirement was that it wasn’t in use by anyone else on another server. We wanted to be unique and identifiable. Something that people would remember. Our initial list of possibilities were the following: Registered Trademark, Tell Your Friends, That’s What She Said, Trial Account, Seventh Sons, Family Game Night, Needs Food Badly. Obviously we went with Registered Trademark.


We also spent about 2 weeks creating the guild charter, structure, discord, etc. Our guild charter is located here, largely in its original state when the guild was created (it’s in major need of an update, that’ll happen before BfA drops 😀).


And Registered Trademark was formed: Androsyx as Guild Leader and main tank, Tribrid as Raid Leader and main healer, Destiny as Co-Founder and “Guild HR”, with Falill, Morene, Zero, and Sammich rounding out the original members of the guild. From these 7, we now have 38 unique members. From RL or previous contacts, we’ve added a number of additions, including Dances, Pandacain, Felektra, Aunrei, Asasetael, Grypt, Hirudo, Lilittu, and several others. On the recruiting side, we’ve been fortunate to have Krovanh & Dant, Smeck, Jonny, Katsue, Lavander, Trent, Santy, and Evo as join us as consistent raiders, and a number of others who are currently taking breaks. These are people who have stuck with us through the extended tail of Legion and Antorus, and are the majority of what makes the guild what it is today.


In closing, we’ve come a long way in 6 months. We’ve been extremely successful, meeting our raid AotC goals, and exceeding our expectations with recruiting. We’ve made friends, we’ve killed bosses, and we’re excited for BfA (and Blizzcon!) to keep the ball rolling.


Tribrid and I will be writing several more of these blog style posts. We have some catching up to do with communication, so everyone should expect at least one every week or 2 for the foreseeable future (or at least until we run out of things to talk about!). If anyone has any ideas/requests, please let me know as well!

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