Guild Ranks – Explained!


When looking at what type of guild ranking system to use, we wanted something that fit a theme top to bottom while remaining true to our hearts of just being general geeks and gamers. Another consideration was that we wanted guild rank to mean something more than just a cheesy title. In a perfect world, rank in the guild should actually be rewarding, but unfortunately WoW doesn’t really provide any reward system for guild ranks.


The obvious ranking system is something medieval, but we felt that was a bit boring and cliche. We quickly started to lean towards Star Wars. Tribrid and I had played hours of the d20 Star Wars RPG, and there obviously had to (had to I say!) be a large ranking system pre-developed for young strapping force users. Well, there wasn’t really. Also, I blame Tribrid for not having all the answers, he’s always been the lore guy.


In came Google and wookiepedia to the rescue. I did some research, brainstormed a bit with Tri, and basically came up with the ranking system we have today. We rationalized a system that mostly makes sense (to us anyway), which revolves around the idea of a “Raider” being a “Jedi.”


Following the Jedi ranking system, the High Council was the obvious label for the guild leadership. Initially, the council consisted of just the 3 guild founders: Androsyx, Tribrid, and Destiny. Our roles were generally pretty fluid, each of us sharing most responsibilities. While initially we didn’t have a good grasp of what responsibilities needed filling, over time we naturally aligned to more well defined roles. Going into BfA we’d like to ensure our roles are more clearly defined so everyone knows the best person to talk to when there are questions or issues. Detailed role definitions and assignments will be updated in the Guild Charter, however brief overviews of our responsibilities as guild leadership are below. Also, we’ll be defining some specific roles and responsibilities that we’ll be looking to get covered by other members in the longer term.


Androsyx – I am the Guild Master (Order Master) and set the overall direction and strategy of the guild, working with Tri and Destiny to make sure we’re all on the same page and in agreement. I also do the organized recruiting and most of the communication out to the guild, and work with Tribrid to ensure we have the people we need to successfully raid.

Tribrid – Tribrid is the Raid Leader and “second in command” of the guild. He’s responsible for raid strategies and execution of the raid overall. Having near mastery of most classes and roles, he is also responsible for providing guidance and assistance to interested players. Tribrid is the best person to bring any class and raid related questions.

Destinyeyes – Destiny is commonly referred to as “Guild HR.” Being significantly more skilled at being social than Tribrid and I, Destiny is responsible for the community and events within the guild. She also provides temperament and a less critical perspective for Tri and I regarding working with so many diverse people. While Tribrid and I do our best to be fair and reasonable when working with people, Destiny will likely be the more compassionate of listeners if one is needed.


Getting back to the ranking system, the current system hasn’t really worked out as well, or been as meaningful, as we’d initially intended. In the early days of the guild, there was a large vacuum in the mid to upper ranks of the guild, the issue largely being that of low member count, little comparison, and lack of progression through ranks. When we only had 6 raiders, and we needed every one of them in order to have a successful raid night, there was no reason not to have everyone as Knights, which devalued both the Padawan and Knight roles.


Likewise, the number of “High-Council” roles is over-inflated. When we looked at promoting our first officer, we didn’t really have a “rank” for that. The Master role was ultimately used, but didn’t really align with the intent of the promotion. Likewise, this created a situation where the Knight rank was the highest one could attain as a raider, marginalizing the raiding ranks and preventing any potential reward we could implement. The progression from Padawan to Knight doesn’t really mean anything at this point, and we don’t have the ability to recognize our superstar raiders by giving them an appropriate rank.


Now that we have more players, and a more diverse set of skill sets and availability, aligning to a larger ranking structure is becoming much easier. And so as announced, we’ll be revamping the guild ranking system for BfA, and resetting ranks to more appropriate levels. Core changes to the ranking system are the following:

  • The existing Initiate, Apprentice, and Adept roles will be removed and rolled into a new role called Youngling
  • General and Lore Master will be removed and rolled into Grand Master
  • 4 new rolls will be created for raiders:
  • A new Initiate rank will be created under Padawan, representing the true “trial” raid members.
  • A new Praxeum Knight rank will be created between Knight and Master to provide more vertical advancement, representing our more knowledgeable and skilled players that exemplify our attitude and mindset as a guild.
  • 2 new role centric ranks, Guardian and Sentinel, will be created above Master. These roles will represent the highest rank for raiders and be specific for their respective roles (healing/tanking, and dps), with opportunities for a place in the Council.


With these changes, the new ranking structure will be the following:

  • Order Master
  • Grand Master
  • Guardian Master
  • Sentinel Master
  • Master
  • Praxeum Knight
  • Knight
  • Padawan
  • Initiate
  • Youngling


With a deeper ranking structure for raiders, we’ll be able to more effectively represent a players status within the guild, and provide existing raiders something to work towards from a promotion perspective. We’ll also be providing some minimum requirements to be eligible for the higher level ranks. Attaining a rank should be an accurate demonstration to everyone in the guild of who can be looked up to.


Along with the new rankings, we’ll be realigning everyone into appropriate ranks. From a guild leadership perspective, nothing will materially change, however Morene’s rank will be further clarified as the Tank Role Lead.

Grand Masters: Androsyx, Tribrid, and Destiny
Guardian Master (Tank): Morene
Guardian Master (Healing): TBD (Tribrid filling)
Sentinel Master (DPS): TBD (Androsyx filling)


Looking forward towards BfA, we’ll be doing more frequent rank adjustments, likely around tier transitions, as we recruit more members and people distinguish themselves in the guild. We also still have a relatively large gap in guild officers which we will be looking to fill, however significant time and care will be taken to ensure the right people are chosen.

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