Leadership Profiles

Androsyx (aka T) Guild Master androsyx#1199

I’m Androsyx, or more commonly referred to as “T” to the guild.

I grew up on the central coast of California. After high school I moved around a bit, spending some time in Phoenix and Philadelphia before landing in the Seattle area (Redmond). I spend most of my time playing games in some form or fashion, whether it be electronic or tabletop. Seattle has a huge table-top gaming community, including multiple board-game/table-top oriented restaurants, bars, and cafes, which makes it easy to find a cool place to hang out!

I started playing WoW in vanilla. I was just out of high school on a dinky laptop that my parents got me for graduation. I started as an undead mage, and made it maybe to level 30 before giving up! Realistically, spaceships and lasers were more interesting to me at the time, and EVE: Online was the time sink I needed in life. I put way too many hours into that game…

Around the same time, I had just met and started hanging out with a new group of friends, one of which is now our Raid Leader, Tribrid. As a group we played games nearly every day. Pen & Paper RPGs (D&D, Star Wars, Vampire: The Masquerade, etc) and multiplayer Xbox games (Halo, Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance, XMen: Legends, etc) monopolized our time.

At some point around the end of Burning Crusade, we decided to play WoW together, and we’ve been playing together ever since. As time went on and I moved away from California, WoW has been my main connection back to my friends. Over the years, I jumped in and out of the game as expansions came and went, never seriously focusing much time into it. I played a lot of other random MMOs as well, including SW:TOR, Wildstar (RIP), Rift, Neverwinter, Tera, Destiny, and of course Eve. Legion was looking to be very similar WoW expansion for me, playing a lot early, but never really having a group of players enough to sustain my interest.

2017 was the year that I decided I wanted to build a gaming community. My initial plan was to go for Destiny 2, but that game was less good than I had hoped. 2017 was also my first year attending Blizzcon, and I decided that Blizzard games were really my go-to passion for gaming. I roped Tribrid and Destinyeyes into starting an actual, real, raiding guild for WoW. And here we are, a year later, with 10+ people going to blizzcon that are either guildmates or friends of the guild.

It’s certainly been a great journey, and we all hope you’re interested in continuing with us!

Tribrid (aka John) Raid Leader Oshrum#1525

My name is John, but you most likely know me as Tribrid. I am the raid leader for Registered Trademark. I am also a husband, father to two awesome fur babies, a stage hand, and a Dungeon Master. My wife, Meg (she’s Destinyeyes) and I own a home in California and work together doing marketing and consulting work for small businesses. When we are not gaming, or working, we enjoy watching movies and playing with the pups.

I have been a fan of the fantasy genre for almost as long as I can remember, it began with a film called Labyrinth. I was very young and was hooked immediately. After that came Krull, Conan the Barbarian,and Willow. My love affair with the world of fantasy, high adventure, and sword and sorcery was now irrevocably imbedded in my being. In the early 90’s I discovered Dungeons and Dragons and that has been a part of my life ever since. I have a regular group that once ran a 9 year continuous story!

I have always been a fan of Action Adventure and Role Playing games: Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Baldur’s Gate, King’s Quest, Neverwinter, God of War and Diablo. But somehow World of Warcraft was not on my radar. A friend of mine who played in my DnD group kept talking about a brand new exciting expansion called the Burning Crusade. He referred me to some related reading and I was very curious. At the end of 2007 I finally installed the game. I initially only did a little raiding: Mags, Gruul and some Kara but preferred to level “alts” with Meg. Once Wrath launched we built a friends and family guild and tried raiding again. I loved it! In all the years since, other games have come and gone, but there was always WoW. I love this game and the people I play it with.

All this rambling was not for nothing, and if you’ve made it this far I feel like you should get a reward of some kind. I want to close by sharing my thoughts on playing this game and how I approach raiding and video gaming in general. I love this game. I enjoy it most when I play with people I like. So my goal as a raid leader has always been to make end game content as approachable as possible so we can all enjoy it together. I enjoy finding unique solutions to problems and often rely on brute force (Bigger Hammer strats!) to see us through. Ultimately anyone who wants to play with us is going to get that opportunity because this is the most fun you can have for $15!

Destinyeyes (AKA Meg) “Guild HR” Destinyeyes#1722

I’m Meg!

I’ll be honest: I really only started playing WoW in Burning Crusade because I had a crush on a guy who wanted to play. I’m not sure he knew or not, we were only living together at the time and had been dating for the better part of 8 years…. If he doesn’t know, don’t mention it ok? His name is John and he’s in this guild too.

A big fan of old school console dungeon crawlers like Baulder’s Gate, I had very little idea of what I was signing up for at the time. Our mutual friend had recommended the game and suggested we join him on his server – Lightbringer. He had a Tauren Shaman, so naturally we were instructed to roll up Horde characters so we could all play together. What we didn’t know at the time was the server we had selected for our brand new characters was like 70% Alliance, but that’s a story for another day.

My very first character was a Belf mage named Destinyeyes. My beau’s character was an Orc hunter named Ragdor, whom he only played when we were together. He simultaneously rolled up a Belf paladin named Oshrum, whom he played when I wasn’t around so I wouldn’t be left behind.

Over the next year or so up to a dozen of our RL friends, including T (aka Andro) joined us on our server. We’d run dungeons together and use Vent to talk over coms. I was an herbalist and was quite infamous for wandering off in dungeons after yellow dots, and pulling half the skipped trash back to the group just before dying in a fabulous fashion. Needless to say, I was stoked on my first real MMO experience!

Enter WotLK. Now, I might be glamorizing how great of an expansion this really was, but for me to this day it is still the number one best expansion I’ve played. It might be because this was the expansion we started raiding in, or maybe because this was the height of our RL friends’ guild time together, including dozens of all-day LAN parties.

Remember that guy I started playing the game for? Well, he’s my husband now, and our “cake toppers” for the wedding were actually Figure Prints of our first mains – Destinyeyes and Oshrum. Mind you this was before xmog was really a thing, so our outfits are…. questionable to say the least.

Either way, on behalf of all of us here at Registered Trademark we are thrilled you are here to learn more about our guild!

Morene (aka Blaise) Terrible Tank Lyican#1823

Hello there,

My name is Blaise! I’ve been playing WoW since mid way through Burning Crusade.

As of mid 2018 i became a father to the awesomest little boy! Yes, i bought a dad sweater to make the transition! Ive been playing games since i was able to hold a gameboy and understand what tetris was. Ive always been a huge fan of Pokemon, digimon and Final Fantasy games but once I had the option to to play a computer, the mmo game style had me hooked. Ive played games like Perfect world, Rift, Eso, Guild wars and FF Realm reborn. Wrath has got to be my favorite expansion to date due to having the BEST CLASS IN GAME RELEASED, DEATH KNIGHTS!!!!

I’m a tank main. I started tanking in wow in late MoP. Before that, I was an Affliction warlock who didn’t know how to do anything but keep dots rolling! My first tank was a druid named Manbearrawr because why not! And as much as i loved the idea of playing a DK, I couldnt for the life of me figure out how any of it worked. I spent the next 2 expansions trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and it wasnt til mid/late WoD that any of it clicked. Once I got the hang of it, the dk was all I wanted to play, and that was only exaggerated once the legion pre patch gave them a class overhaul. I have leveled and tried to learn the basics of every tank playable in wow, you know because every man needs variety!

Hopefully you will enjoy being with our lively band of friends and join us on our adventures across azeroth in many expansions to come!

All hail the true lich king! Arthas did nothing wrong! 😀