Who is RTM-Gaming?

We are a group of real life and online friends who enjoy playing World of Warcraft and a variety of other tabletop and virtual games. We understand that each person has different reasons for gaming, and has different interests with end-game content. Because of this, we strive to support one another in being able to participate in group play activities.

We also understand each person has different availabilities for gaming, and as such have created an environment where skilled players can reach out into progression content without needing to commit a majority of their time to the game.

If you are looking for like minded gamers and are interested in joining an Alliance guild on US-Lightbringer that coordinates group play events in PST, let’s chat!

Core Objectives

What Are RTM Core Objectives?

  • Community – Provide a consistent and reliable place for players to socialize, make friends, and participate in end-game content.
  • Raid Progression – Current tier AotC is our primary objective for raiding.  Additional progression will depend on guild state and member interests, but is not prioritized.
  • Activity – Always help players find things to do within the game.  We will challenge ourselves with organized Mythic+, achievement runs, and other activities.
  • Exposure – Make connections and friends within the larger World of Warcraft community.

Activities & Events

Group play and socializing with like-minded members are important goals for Registered Trademark. In addition to a standard weekly raiding schedule for those committed players, the guild will facilitate other themed group play events.

Our intention is to accommodate all members with varied content interests, and/or limited opportunities to play World of Warcraft. Members are encouraged to let guild leaders know if they have a group content interest that is not being met by the current schedule.

Holidays and world events that impact scheduled events will be announced as necessary.


Mythic+ Dungeons

  • Once Weekly:
    • Monday from 7-9pm PST
  • Participation is optional
  • Groups will be formed based on player composition, keystone availability, ilvl, and experience.


Supplemental Content – PvP, Alts, Achievements and/or Previous Tier Raids

  • ~Once Weekly, depending on content
  • Times and activities to be established based on members’ interests and availability
  • Participation is optional
  • We intend to expand our supplemental content to include organized Island Expeditions and Warfronts in Battle for Azeroth!

Community Etiquette

Don’t Be A Dick.

RTM-Gaming guilds are for adults who want to interact with other like-minded players in a fun and comfortable environment.  We accept that crass comments, sexual innuendos, and less-than-appropriate jokes are likely to occur, and our members should be aware this is part of our environment.

While this is part of who we are, all members are encouraged to be mindful that we are a guild with players of both genders and diverse backgrounds.  Any member using language that causes another member to be uncomfortable will be asked to stop. If there is a consistent problem, the offending member’s rank and membership within the guild may be jeopardized.

We do not welcome discussions surrounding politics, religion, or any drama; so if these topics come up you should not be surprised if someone asks to change the subject.  If a request to change the subject is made, it is expected all members will honor the request. If there is a problem, discuss the matter with the High Council privately, and we will work with you on resolving the issue.

We are not morality police, however we do take our individual and guild reputations very seriously.  We will not tolerate players who behave in a way that reflects negatively on our group or its individual members.  Harassing or griefing other members, unwelcome personal contact outside of the game, and derogatory or hateful speech are examples of conduct that may result in immediate removal from RTM-Gaming guilds and/or communities.

Have a good time, relax and enjoy yourself – just be sure your behavior allows your fellow guild members to do the same.

Recording Disclaimer

Note to Members: Guild activities, including Guild Comms, may be streamed publicly. High definition recordings of guild activities may also be captured and published publicly.