Welcome to RTM-Gaming!

Welcome to the Registered Trademark guild website! We are happy to have you stop by and learn more about our group.

We are a community of friends and family who have a shared love of games across multiple genres and platforms, sarcasm and general goof-offery. In fact, at the 2018 BlizzCon we had 14 guild members and friends in attendance.  We’re already making plans for 2019, and we hope you will join us in Anaheim for all things Blizzard!

While you are visiting our site, be sure to check out our Recruitment page for information about joining our merry band of players by clicking here. If you want to learn more about our leadership team, read our bios and find BNet info here.

You might be wondering what a great looking group of individuals like ourselves are doing on the Alliance side (*gasp!*) or how we all came to be in Registered Trademark. Well, it’s kind of a long story, so you’ll find that and more in the Holocron. Click here to go behind the scenes!

For everything else, just browse around and learn more about us.

For the Alliance! 💪

Welcome to Registered Trademark!

<Registered Trademark> (US-Lightbringer – Alliance) is a group of real life and online friends who enjoy playing World of Warcraft and a variety of other tabletop and virtual games.  We were founded prior to the Antorus raid release by a small group of RL friends.  Many of our initial members came from other previous tier Legion AotC guilds, and we wanted to create something of our own heading into BfA.

We are currently have AotC, and are lightly raiding to recruit and have fun.


Raid Schedule:

  • Wednesday: 7:00pm – 9:00pm (PST)
  • Sunday: 6:00pm – 9:00pm (PST)


Raid Environment:

We consider ourselves a casual AotC guild, striking a balance between community and fun first approach while obtaining AotC for every raid tier.

We’re here first and foremost to have fun and build a community.  We’re typically pretty relaxed with a lot of activity during raids.  Discord is usually pretty chatty during trash, and bosses are typically focused on calling things out.  If we’re wiping on stupid stuff that we’ve cleared before the raid leader may tell folks to focus up because people are making dumb mistakes, but realistically as long as we’re making progress and improving on a fight, then having fun is the priority. Even on progression fights, we try to make sure people aren’t getting stressed out.  We play the game, try to do better, and kill stuff while having fun.

We have some very talented players who are happy to support raid members in improving if needed, including gear runs, rotation advice/practice, and teaching mechanics.  Raid supplies are provided as needed, including cauldrons and feasts, and we have crafting capability for everything else. We use Discord for comms which tends to be lively during raids, and have a guild subscription for AskMrRobot for consistent raiders.



We’re actively looking for DPS to fill out our 20-man raid roster.  Take a look at the side bar for our preferred classes and specs, however please consider them to be guidelines, not requirements.  Even if your role or spec isn’t indicated, please reach out to us so we can chat about making something work.  We find that people play the game better and have more fun when they’re playing a class and role that they enjoy.

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WoW Guild Rankings


Warrior ArmsFuryProtection
Paladin HolyProtectionRetribution
Hunter Beast MasteryMarksmanshipSurvival
Rogue AssassinationOutlawSubtlety
Priest DisciplineHolyShadow
Shaman ElementalEnhancementRestoration
Mage ArcaneFireFrost
Warlock AfflictionDemonologyDestruction
Monk BrewmasterMistweaverWindwalker
Druid BalanceFeralGuardianRestoration
Demon Hunter VengeanceHavoc
Death Knight BloodFrostUnholy